Monday, June 29, 2009

Persue x Bunny Kitty x Aussies x Love Machine and Logan Heights

I have too many shots from my trip to post at once so I will have to post them in groups.

First up....

Here are a few shots from a small feature project I am doing with Love Machine Films and Persue/Bunny Kitty. Filmed on location in Logan Heights 1904 SD 619'er.

Big thanks to Carly and Linda and to the homies that rolled through.

I can't show you the wall just yet, but stay tuned for more.

When life gives you phone booths...

New pal Vans visiting from Down Under shouts to Aeon

Rolled tacos like no other

Golden Hills

¡Orale Los Reyes!

1 of 9 Ice Cream trucks that came by that day

2 of 9 Ice Cream trucks that came by that get the idea

Dee Dee Meow throwing it up for Logan

You got to love little kids tracing outlines from the blackbook

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