Thursday, August 25, 2011

Saddam Hussein's Son Breakdancing

This is so crazed out it has to be true.

The motherfucker Saddam Hussein's son is poppin and lockin in a tent with all kinds of Arab chicks and shit posted around like it's just so normal ass Tuesday night at Casa De Hussein.


The shit looks like an audition for Breakin 3: Electric Infidel.

Thnx IrishPat


Honestly, I really want to dedicate so much time to this clip, but I am just in utter awe of it and feel completely speechless. I mean dude has on a U.S.A jean jacket? Babies cryin in the background? No one clapped?

Did we have this video before we invaded Iraq the first time? Like had George Bush Sr. seent this shit would he have been like "Well, breakdancing is essentially the physical embodiment of U.S democracy so maybe we should give them a chance before we blow their whole shit up."

So many few answers

R.I.P homie


  1. sorry champ that ain't Saddam's son...
    these ppl are Kurdish...


  2. If Fox News can make up shit so can I spliff.

    I mean it doesn't really make any difference to me.

    It is exactly what that shit would look like.

    But thanks for ruining my greatest dream.

  3. thanks for shitting on the party.

  4. Fuck it Pat. As far as I am concerned the shit is 100% authentic.

    I am the decider of this shit.