Monday, August 22, 2011

Supreme x Jesus

After exhausting all of the world's best brands to collab with dem boyz at Supreme went and out shined all y'all by dropping a lil' something with the homie Jesus.

Psshhhhh no big deal.

Just steady collabin' with the God of Gods. Nah mean?

Who in the holy fuck is actually gonna use this dumb shit?

Well, besides the dudes from the "Beat It" video.

You couldn't even stab a smurf with this shit. If I was squinting I would have just thought that the shit was a super religious nail clipper blade.

I'm not a boxcutter walker myself, but if I was I would not choose to do so with an accessory from a fucking skateboard company. If you a real deal go shank mode on someone kind of a guy you're gonna want the knife to be disposable not COLLECTIBLE.

Plus how many virgin points do you get for ordering one of these shits?

250 virgin points? 1,000 virgin points?

When you open the blade does it start playing Tyler's "Yonkers"?

I bet this knife will be responsible for more E.R visits due from deep finger cuts by Asian dudes trying to play Three Streetwear Musketeers on their way to The Hundreds store than for actual stabbings.

So unless you really want to catch a body Da Vinci Code style I would suggest just going with a standard boxcutter and have your "I work in a warehouse story" ready for the laws or even better just ditch the shit entirely.


  1. "When you open the blade does it start playing Tyler's "Yonkers"?"


  2. why you gotta hate on the yellow man?

    aint the size of the knife, its the motion in the stabbin (jugular stylee).

  3. fucking brilliant commentary as usual. streetwear what useless shit will you come up with next

  4. fuckin hilarious

  5. you tried but you failed