Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MTV VMA's 2011

Look at ol' Camel face trying to act like Chris Brown ain't flying around 100's of feet in the air possessed by Michael Jackson. Even Kanye and his Canadian tuxedo are captivated by Breezy.

Still none of that matters what I would like to point out is the out of pocket outfit that Kid Cudi or should I "Chocolate Renaissance" has on.


And this dude is sober now?

Sorry blood, but you need to get back on the rich man's dandruff if this is how you gonna conduct and dress yaselfs.

You look like you play on Team Blouses

I didn't watch the VMA's mind you, but Twitter and ten really stoned high school dropouts basically demanded that my homie Mero needed to so he did a recap for The Source of all the smoke and mirrors foolishness.

Read it right chea The Kid Mero On The 2011 VMA's

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  1. This post is fucking excellent.