Monday, August 29, 2011

SDTW Look Books Are For Assholes


At Hogwarts there is a lookbook photo shoot going down for some mysterious sneaker lifestyle brand.

I only can guess that the description will read something like:

"The haunting memory of craftsmanship from an eerie time before."

Like how you gonna put something that cost $78 dollars inside a castle that cost 4.7 million euros and act like they are on the same team?

That's like pulling up in a Maybach and stepping out rocking fucking JNCO's. This is like having a girlfriend that looks like Natalie Portman but has the pussyhole stretch of Pam Anderson. In other words it is not a good strategy to play "which one of these does not belong?" with consumers.

I can gurantee the Duke of WherevaTheFuckThatIs-ylvania is not walking around in a pair of these contemporary sub luxury Jordan knockoffs. That dude is probably wearing loafers made out of lamb anus that were soaked in baby shark's tears.

Oh and which one of these kicks is the collabo yall did with Voldemort?

That's the homie btw.

And that is all I really gots to say bout this right chea.


  1. All these "Gourmet" skate shoes (see what I did there?) are all made by the same factory and the quality is poor as fuck, I don't know a skater who'd even put those on their feet. Hypebeast bait.

  2. Double posting because my CAPTCHA was "corny." The internet Gods know what's up.

  3. The gods of the netz have spoken