Sunday, January 23, 2011

Back In The Ninety Now

The mother fucking 90's. Shit was stupid simple. Life required little to nothing. Skateboard, walkman (cassette jump offs) back pack, dime bag, visine, lighter, list of friend's phone numbers (pre cell phone shit)

That was life in 1996.

At least we can still listen to the sounds of the 90's.

***Updated Link (sorry)


Special request by Brad The Boxcutta


  1. i like that you seem to genuinely adore old hip hop culture. These other bloggers post pics of ricky D and act like its relevant to their life, acting all like "oh, he is so adorable with that image"

  2. Check the playlist for a trip down memory lane

  3. yo, what's the password for the download?

  4. This post is in my cache so whenever I type in sup... and hit enter i end up here.
    I love this post. So relevant to my youth, so on point. After school Rap City sessions. Joe Clare and Big Lez.