Thursday, January 13, 2011


Why in the fuck, do girls do this retarded shit to themselves?

I've harped on plug earrings and shiteous tattoos enough so I really feel like this is redundant, but I seem to keep coming across fail syndromes like this thing at least once a week on some tumblr "art" blog.

I've been called a "hater" for being harsh on chicks that the commenting majority still find fuckable, but kiss the fattest part of my ass because this is my blog and I can say whatever bullshit I want because talking on the internet doesn't count. I don't care that you think fucking two nickles counts as a dime. My rule is 8's or better.

First off...

- Falling face first into a tackle box reverses my boner (no homes) instantly

- Chest pieces are the new tramp stamp regardless of the artwork because it covers up that sweet little crevice formed by two breasts squeezing together a.k.a cleavage a.k.a one of the best things ever created

- Notice her nose angle and the glasses? You see that? Yeah my dudes. Beak. Kevin Beakin. Anteater. Pinnochio. D.) All of the above

Without going any further I know without a shred of doubt that this is just some strobe-light facebook honey that probably defines herself by the content of her iPod and most likely has a flat ass.

Way to go dudes. Hyping up this 6 and making a whole bunch of younger girls thinking this is a good look.


  1. take away all those decals and add ons and you got beat beezy who actually defines herself on hoq many graff writers she knows.

  2. wrote that fast: redit

    take away all those decals and add ons and you got a beat beezy who actually defines herself on how many graff writers she knows.

    Yes "beat Beezy" quote me on that shit

  3. hahahahahaha best piece ever written. Keep the bz rants coming