Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coachella Line Up Announced AKA Music Blog Snob Complaining Day

Music nerds lose their shit when this line up finally hits the net. Right now as I type this some prestigious music blogger is writing some scathing review of who they will be "seeing" and more importantly who they "refuse" to see.

It's not like someone reading their flawless set list is going to write it down on their forearm and be like "Well, here's the plan gang."

I only went to Coachella once don't even remember the year and I ended up seeing this chick that I use to poke on while back. I was deep on vicodin and King Cobra and proceeded to well... I think you are all old enough to know what consenting adults do while inebriated.

So yeah, Coachella is okay, but it's not life changing and neither is who they pick for the line up.

I mean Bloc Party was almost a headliner one year and those dudes couldn't sell out a Chuck E. Cheese.

You see Lil B made the list though?


  1. as the curator of a "music blog" that literally contains the word "snob" in the title, i feel my $.02 is required.

    between the horrible sound and the large amounts of booze and hallucinogens that you should be comsuming, it really shouldnt matter who the fuck you see. they key is to go to the shows with the hottest fans. fuck a hip hop show, you can find me at the indie dream core stage where the girls wear headbands and spandex pants. ya dig?

  2. Probably the worst place to do acid besides Vegas.

    Don't listen to Prince Vaughn kids.

    Stay away from drugs and alcohol.