Sunday, January 9, 2011


Enough with the the 4Loko shit.

We get it.

You drank alcohol with caffeine in it.

Cool story.

Let's move on.

Some topics we could discuss with dude:

- Sup with those Silvertab jeans player?
- Are you gonna give DJ Drama his hat steez back?
- What scent is that Yankee Candle?


  1. no offense but you stole this the brotha darkniz's flickr, right down to the discussion of the other shit in the photo! you know some credit is due

  2. The fuck you talking about?

    Don't know who your boyfriend is. Don't care.

    I write all this worthless shit myself. I don't think it's a stretch that someone else saw that same photo and thought dude looked like a 4Loko Drinkin 2Pac Lovin Mark Ass Mark.

    People need to stop trying to get credit for having internet access.

    I invented nothing but I never plagiarize.