Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Things People Will Do For Money

Gucci Mane and Talib on the same song.

Listen HERE

via Nah Right


This is why I think it is so corny to talk that non-sense about "popular rappers are garbage" and "mcs with real lyrics need to take over" or whatever it is rap nerds argue about while taking bong hits in New Hampshire.

All rappers are equally corny save for Boosie, DMX, and a few others that are just untamable human beings. They are still corny, but also on some looney tunes shit.

What's even better is if you actually listen to the song Talib tries to sound all southern and talks a bit "harder" than normal.

Talib is a dickhead. Back in the day I really liked Blackstar and all that, but come to find out Talib as a person is a huge dickhead to work with. Also he is bald. Yup. Balder than that dude from The Shield.

Why you hating on dude so tough?

I mean dude has more going for him than I do. Dude has paper and I have to rant on this shiteous blog, but I do have a full head of hair. Go ahead and find me a picture of this dude NOT wearing a hat. Go ahead I'll wait...


So, I am not bald and I did not put out over 4 or 5 albums preaching about uplifting the black community and then go and hop on the Gucci band wagon just to get a Twitter bump.

Go ahead and get that money Talib. Ask your boy Common to get you some of those fly hats to wear while you preach the revolution to a bunch of suburbanites that live in freshman dorms.


  1. talib has always been corny. blackstar or not.

  2. Love your commentary!

  3. Yeah. I hate that cunt

  4. 'my coochie remains in a gucci mane'