Wednesday, July 7, 2010

For Those Who Can't See Them Yet" by FaNKULT a.k.a Jay Clark

"For Those Who Can't "See" Them Yet" by FaNKULT a.k.a Jay Clark

Jay Clark might be the only real artist friend I have. He can not draw, design, paint, or photograph worth a shit. Yet, he recently had a doozy of an art show that I unfortunately was unable to attend due to a poorly planned vacation.

Why do I consider Jay Clark to be my only artist friend? Well I would say that based off my own personal definition of art, Jay Clark is one of the few people that knows the single biggest "secret" on how to be an actual artist.

which is simply that...... "the concept is king"

A good concept triumphs over great skill.

Every time.

Still not sold on that line of shit I just fed you?

Allow me to explain...

Let's say you can paint jaw dropping photo-realism style paintings. Like the shit looks like a full on photo even when you view it up close.

That is cool. It takes enormous skill to do that. No one should be denied the credit they receive for achieving that level of mastery.

If you then use said talent to paint bowls of fruit (which most people do)

Well then congratulations guy..... you are now wonderfully mediocre.

Now let's say someone cut words out of old magazine that say something like "Don't Blame Me, I Voted For Hitler" and displays them. That piece is (in my personal definition of the word art) a lot more artistic.

To each their own and all that political correct bullshit, but my point is this: You can go buy a whole bunch of canvases and some paint pens and call yourself an artist, but true art is convincing people to talk about your work by doing as little actual WORK as possible.

Jay figured that out long ago and the only reason I co-sign his work is because he will openly admit to being completely talentless. That is why he might be only true artist I know.

Go grab his newly printed book which features wonderful selections from 5 hand made zines. It will make a great gift to someone and a horrible gift to almost everyone.

Buy one here

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