Monday, July 5, 2010

Project Pat

Come along with me to a place I like to call Ignantville.

Taken from Pat's "Gorilla Pimp"

"And I like to toot snow
Sippin' 'nac with your cap is the perfect combo
You can be a jane doe if you call the po-po
(female voice)i'ma call ya momma up
Bitch that's a no no"

I remember when I first heard this song and I just thought "Wow, dude wrote that shit down on paper."

I fucks with Pat cause when he wants to he can rap pretty damn good, but really it's Juicy/Paul's production that make the dude's catalog so solid.

For all you Danish dude's that read this shit on the daily go ahead and bump this shit loud as hell in one of those silly ass cars you dudes push and watch people look at you craze.

Break the law, break the law, break law, we ain't playin!!!

Get it:
It's Paaaaaaatttttttt

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