Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer Bummers

God damn. Rappers are just becoming parodies of themselves wrapped in cliches and soaked in retardness.

Not that it really matters.

The part that is hurting my head is why a mixtape gets its own limited edition t shirt and why said t shirt needs 4 "brands" to exist?

Some idiot: "SDTW you ain't heard of collabs dog? It is so companies can co-brand and get their names out more and shit."

Okay. Fair enough two companies from different spectrums of media come together and make something and split the tab. I dig that.

However, if you were to go into Wal-Mart you would not find let's say....

Hanes Beefy T x West Coast Choppers x Wal-Mart x Doritos ?

Cause that is what you're basically listing here. Music Artist x Clothing Brand x Store x Store. You should have gotten a chips company instead dudes. I think Funions even would have been a good look.

I mean we can all dream of such a corporate "perfect storm" if you will, but it ain't in the cards bros.

This one though is pretty hurting from a design stand point and that was probably what caught my eye.

The fact that you're saying it is "limited edition" is pretty damn redundant. Really dudes? You don't envision this conglomerate of street cred necessitating an additional production run after all the hypsters come through and buy these up from you?

The actual design...

Pretty standard C and C music factory thing here.


Wait bandanas? Are we still pushing for these things? Really? We can't move passed that short lived "fashion criminal" phenomenon?

As a country we were able to move passed Sisqo, but we can't shake the bandana thing yet?

Fuck man.


Don't get it twisted my dudes. The fact that I took the time to gripe about this shows some minute amount of envy and is probably doing them more of a favor as it will be re-posted on the blogosphere more. I will still be downloading that "Slime Flu" tape so in the end it's all just a wash.

So what the fuck do I know?

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