Wednesday, July 7, 2010

S.D.H.C #14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19

I've been slacking on the S.D.H.C and you dudes have been sending in better stuff so I thought I would make good and post the motherfuckers.

I snapped this one today actually. Nothing really crazy except for the fact that this is the buffest 65 year old dude rocking a doo rag buying 4Loko that I have ever seen. I mean besides all THAT I guess it ain't worth mentioning. Shitty flick, but fuck you all because if this dude caught me he would have gone diesel on me and stuffed me into the hot dog machine no problem.

What's up here? Nothing. I just thought dude rocking all white at the beach was kind of bossing. He's probably thinking to himself "Fuck beaches, get money."

Utilikilt Mafia member snapped by one of the S.D.H.C Army in Portland. Why are these dudes so big in numbers?

From Dallas, Texas.

Me: What's funny about this? A black dude in Costco? That's not a big deal.
Homie: That is not a dude.
Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhh I see now.

At first glance AGAIN you probably see nothing special here except for the simple fact that I parallel parked that fucking boat into that spot like a fucking god. Look at that shit. That is a mother fucking parking job. After I finished parking I looked down only to find that I had grown a second dick. That is how manly of a parking job I did. It made me grow an extra dick.

Agent Daytona (S.D.H.C's single greatest field agent) head shotted this fucking champion of the streetz. Geez Us! Explain me to me why you needed not one but TWO Famous Stars and Straps F's? You couldn't just deal with script F? You had to bring Famous into this shit? As lame as that company is I bet even Travis Barker would be bummed on this dude.

Keep em coming dudes.


  1. the parking job made ME grow a dick. good job skippy that shit is impressive!

  2. I love that bearded Popeye man. He rolls a Lemond road bike.