Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well well well, looky what I have for all you dancehall ingrates.

I was sitting at home watching it start to rain (it's July btw) and I decided I wasn't having it. When I compiled Soundboy Advice Vol.1 I had actually picked 60 tracks originally and then whittled it down. Most of these tunes are leftovers, but they are still mad mad tunes.

To continue the tradition I made another Bad Man Skip intro track. There is no real "mixing" going down, but I do compile the play list with tempo in mind.

Like the last mix things start off with rub a dub tunes and progressively get more digital. And just like last time the cover art is my likkle personal tribute to the art of Wilfred Limonious.

Nuff talk.

Run it, pussyhole!

Soundboy Advice Vol.2 by Bad Man Skip

Feel free to re-post and spread the 80's wickedness.

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