Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vybz Kartel "Ramping Shop"

I'm sure only 3 people who read SDTW have any idea what this about, but essentially the Jamaican media is all up in arms about a popular style of dance called "daggering" which is just basically a way more involved form of freaking that has been around for years.

Recently a lot of big tunes that focus solely on the subject matter of daggering have been called into question.

So our buddy Vybz Kartel decided to write a response to one of the writers of The Gleaner that put him on blast.

I just find it funny how one of the dancehall's biggest "badman" penned such an eloquent and well thought out response.

"Kartel begins the letter … “This is a response to an article written by Esther Tyson and supported by the rest of the social hypocrites who claim Rampin’ Shop is musical poison.

Ms Tyson, the “devastating impact on the psyche of Jamaican children” is not caused by ‘daggerin’ songs but rather by socio-economic conditions which leave children without free education, single-parent homes, (or shacks), the lack of social infrastructure in ghetto communities, unemployed and disenfranchised young men with no basic skills who are caught up in the ‘gun culture’ cultivated by our politicians in the 1960s-’70s, all faults of the governments (PNP and JLP).“

He goes on to say … “Rampin’ Shop is just as easily accessible to the public as are porn sites on the internet via laptop or phone; as accessible as ‘R’-rated movies or carnival revellers ‘daggerin’ uptown in broad daytime on our local and cable television stations.“

He closes with … “Ms Tyson, the “decent, well-thinking citizens of Jamaica” as you put it, love Rampin’ Shop; only a few hypocrites are against it, at least publicly. I encourage you to use your obviously lengthy spare time to write about things that actually affect the nation …“

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  1. Vybz Kartel "Ramping Shop" - that's my favorite music song!!! Clip the Best of the best!
    Это одна из моих самых любимых песен в стиле Регги!
    Регги форева!