Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Diggin In The Links Returns D.I.T.L

I haven't done a D.I.T.L post in a long time for whatever reason. So for those of you with time to kill....enjoy!

These sites are essentially what I look at everyday on the internerd.

School Jah

One of the best free reggae zip/rar file blogs in the world.

Revok 1

If someone wanted to argue that Revok was the best writer in the world I probably wouldn't argue with them. It's also worth noting that unlike most bloggers Revok updates very frequently which makes it worth checking out daily.


Be prepared to waste hours of your life on this site. You were warned.

Street Boners and TV Carnage

Disturbing and funny content from a cartoonist and a dude from Vice.

You Thought We Wouldnt Notice

This site is solely dedicated to designers who rip off other designers. Also while I have your attention logo parodies or "flipping logos" whatever you assh*les call it is the weakest thing you can possibly design.

Captain Crawl

This blog lets you search all music blogs for music.

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