Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Peer Pressure

Originally I saw this clip a really long time ago, but failed to save it. I tried looking it up so many times without success. I typed in tons of variations (dudes humping chair, chair humping, chair freaking, freaking chairs, dudes getting swerve on with chair, ottoman sexing, how to freak 101, so on and so forth) none of them came back with the right clip.

But now if you type "dudes humping chair" it will come up in the que. Go figure.

Anyways, what you are about to watch is just damn near amazing.

It is a group that calls themselves "Peer Pressure" members include: Relentless, X2C, Pipelayer, Pressure, and last and surely not least Satisfaktion.

Each of these guys introduce themselves to the camera and then proceed to give their best to this poor ottoman, but the best part is not when they are actually humping the hell out of this poor ottoman, but when they do improv air humping in the background.

Technically this clip is safe for work. Technically.

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