Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Muslims = The Soft Pack

Anyone who says good music never comes out of San Diego is pretty much right. San Diego does not have any of the things you need to mold great bands and the like.

San Diego has poor areas, dangerous areas, swap meets, gun crime, and that whole lot, but the biggest culprit or reason why no good music ever comes out of San Diego is the sun.


It's the gat damn perfect year round weather which soaks into your body and f*cks with your brain. It makes it's victims apathetic and just plain old unmotivated. It's also hard to be extremely pissed off when you're wearing shorts in January.

I'm digressing. The Muslims are actually really good. Too good for San Diego at least. They now go by the name The Soft Pack which isn't bad, but it certainly sucks when compared to its predecessor. As far as sound I would say they are sort of Velvet Underground ish' maybe a little Stooges thrown in for good measure. I'm no indie rock expert so I can't call it, but "Extinction" is my new favorite song at the moment and that has to count for something.

Track Listing:

1. Right and Wrong
2. Beside Myself
3. Call It A Day
4. Future Rock
5. On My Time
6. Religion
7. American
8. Extinction
9. Nightlife
10. Bright Side


The Muslims "Self Titled"

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