Monday, November 19, 2007


I made a little trip back home to San Diego to do the window display at the SD's only skate shop that matters Street Machine and hang with the fam.

Of course I forgot my digital camera and consequently I had to use Nick's Nikon "Cool Pix" which isn't as "cool" as the name would have you believe.

I don't have any pics of the Street Machine stuff so you'll have to wait to see it unless you live in SD then you can head down to the store and check it for your self.

Myself, Kristy, and Algot at Turf Club, you'll notice that I have become so white that I actually glow.

Nick and Cat

Cat's close-up

This is Nick's dog "Dingo" he was rescued from Tijuana by the SPCA. White people amaze me I mean there's little kids starving and selling gum all over that city, but it's the dogs that get the kush life and get sent to the States.

This pic was taken outside of San Diego's most cutty breakfast spot in the city. Good luck finding it.

I made it over to Trademark's new crib. Oh lord it's nice.

Psych art.

Nice little view of the whole city through the living room window.

Purple drums.

Tera Patrick and Supreme. I'm more familiar with Tera's "other" work as is every other guy on the planet.

Great concept and creative direction as usual.
Of course the downside is Mike might just stab you in the head with a fork like he did to that Maxim writer.

Laura believes herself to be from some sort of alternate universe where 99% of the human population are color blind.

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