Sunday, November 11, 2007

Heavy Manners @ Winner's Circle Pics

Big ups to everyone that came through.


The jerk chicken was devoured instantly, the Red Stripes lasted about one hour before Tobias had to go on Joose runs, and the whole thing couldn't have been better.

Also big thanks to JR, Ray, Baby Hoks, and the whole Winner's Circle Familia for making the event look splendid.

All the following photos were taken by Jordan Nicholson a.k.a Skateboard D (inosaur) except photos 5, 8, and 9.


You can't tell from this photo, but TJ Actual Pain and I are discussing the pro's and con's about "larping" which is live action role playing if you haven't heard and was easily the best conversation I've had this month.

Senor Pheed came up to me shortly after this photo was taken and told me that he ate all of Lenox's snacks. Not cool. That's some never forgive type action.

Lenox and rasta cupcakes.

Benson, Tobias, and Baby Hoksworth youtubing Gucci Mane videos

This Is Lenox and his old man.

Nice vinyl touches provided by Winner's Circle

My good bud Peter B from WE/SC

Ray Ray Winner's Circle

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  1. I totally waited till the kid was gone to eat his snacks.