Friday, November 30, 2007

Behind the Iron Curtain

For those who do not know me personally you probably have never met my business partner and graphic designer of all things:
Heavy Manners

Introducing.... Mr. Justin Atallian

Justin has been on "holiday" for almost two months and has been busy as one can be on vacation.

So far he has:

-Managed Slam City Skates working 12 hour days and releasing the What The Dunks
-Sold a complete set-up to Dave Chappelle
-Traveled to London, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and now Poland
-Caught up with our old SD comrade Shepard Fairey at his show opening
-Seen Crass or the closest thing our generation can call Crass
-Gone to Cannabis Cup with Vince, and Trademark
-And had time to find my doppelganger at the London New Era Store
-And more then likely dropped some designs for a few projects coming soon

Busy indeed. Unfortunetly Justin has been so busy that stores/buyers are all going to have to wait to see what we have up the sleeve for Heavy Manners Spring/Summer 08 just a bit longer. Needless to say I'm a bit jealous.

Book mark it:

Iron Curtain Design

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