Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Diggin' In The Links:

So You Don't Have To

Preist stalks Conan O'Brien
Ed* Catholic comedians are the new boys

Kenna is my musiccal guilty pleasure of the year
Ed* Shout to EJ for putting me onto the new Pop King

Diplo and Switch talk about their trip to JA
Ed* I was lucky enough to hear some these stories first hand a few months back and anything that involves Diplo and Switch and Jamaica is pretty much certified gold in my modest opinion

New Ghostface album cover
Ed* I can not think of something positive to say about it so I will say nothing

Clever Rap Graphs
Ed* Don not sleep and pass up clicking this link, if you grew up on hip hop then you should probably find what awaits you who after clicking here to be really clever to say the least

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