Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Do You Know Bo?

Above:Bo Jackson or should I say "Bow" Jackson (horrible pun)

Save for the horrible "Know Bo" parody tees you see on blogs from time to time little much is said about one of the greatest American/Sports icons of all time.

He was the first 2 sport athlete and basically cemented himself in a pantheon of "Bad Assness" that very few athletes ever have.

After he suffered his career ending injury he fell off the publics' radar quicker then Terry Schiavo.

So what do I know about Bo?

I know that Bo likes to get his hunt on and that he is confident that he is still faster then his "white" friends.

Bo Jackson ESPN article

If you got some time give the article a read and find out why Bo is still keep it real (country) after all these years.

Thanks C-Murder

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  1. I make no proclamations of being a sports analyst persay, but I will say this:

    Bo Jackson (for my generation) was the first and easily the most memorable save for maybe Deion Sanders.

    Also Danny Ainge is an asshole.