Saturday, May 5, 2007

Where The Wild Things Are

Yesterday I saw a demolition crew tearing down a residential building and I took a mental note to remember the address. I suppose ordinary people pay little mind to construction areas like this one and probably think of them as little more then an eye sore.

However, I am drawn to places of decay, high-rise scaffolding, major construction zones and the like. When you walk in these places by yourself it feels like a scene from "28 Days Later" when the lead character wakes up and starts walking around London and he doesn't see anyone in the entire city.

It is the closest thing you can get to being in a ghost town. Every little noise booms out into the silence and feels significant.

It's an odd thing to experience to say the least.

Above: Here is a shot from 4 stories up

Above: Up the stairs I go

Above: Through the kitchen

Above: And finally a place to paint

I busted out a little outline, fixed it up, and added a quick background. I didn't have the space to finish the "O". The rest of the floors served as practice for some new throw-ups I've been working on of late.

These are where the wild things are...

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