Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jerry Falwell Dead

I know I'm late to the finish line with this, but here you go:

I have zero respect for this man. He is hugely responsible for distorting U.S politics into the $hit slop that it is today and was nothing more then a religious dildo for Bush.

So to quote Brotha Lynch Hung "Rest In Piss", you will not be missed.

Giuliani is a moron
Ed* Probably the worst candidate for the Presidency as of right now.
Sub-note* Notice he doesn't actually rebuke the statement about the motive for 9/11 he just simply does the "I was there" bit. Touche' Rudy.

Idiot pays $73 million for striped painting
Ed* I am in no way an art scholar, but I've never even heard of Rothko and I know stripes when I see them.

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