Monday, May 21, 2007

The War Room 2 Year Jump Off

Here's some pics from last Friday's War Room 2 Year Anniversary Party

Above: New Shepard Fairey poster installation in the background while DJ Shortcut from the Beat Junkies had the crowd getting down to some East Bay Funk.

Above: Pheed and Baby Hokksssssssssss

Sub-note: It was Pheed's born day yesterday so if you see him step on his new 90's and kick him swiftly in the crotch.

Above: My new friend Burle from Obey.

Above: Two dudes trying to make a run for it with a new Shepard print.

Above: Some guy and Mel-Tron Dirty Dirty sans posse

Above: Gina (hiding behind the most generic Seattle hat ever) and Pheed

Sub-note: I asked Pheed for a ride home and all he did was make this face at me. When translated the face means no.

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