Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Seattle's Finest

In an effort to link people from San Diego to some of my new found Seattle counter-parts I've decided to do a quick post on 3 of the biggest villains the Emerald City has to offer.

First up:

Publik Hair

Run by the Diamond Jew a.k.a "Friend of No One"

J runs a very cut throat style blog that shows little mercy to any and everyone. His overall distaste for all things standard and idiotic comes through in each post and you get the idea that he may even dislike you. J himself works at Goods and dabbles in fixed-gear bikes, photo sniping, and double-fisting High Lifes'.

Ill Kinda

Run by J.R

J.R owns and runs Winner's Circle and a print house to boot and still finds time to run a blog of his daily runnings. Most of it revolves around bombing, hardcore music, grimey $hit in general, flicks from just about every bar in town, and the occasional random internet non sense.

One of first times I hung with J.R at The War Room he proceeded to buy rounds of Grey Goose shots and High Lifes for the whole table this of course was after I was already deep in the count on drinks. Next thing I know Justin (who was visiting at the time) and I are running from the pigs up and down Pike St. all damn night.

*I think Justin's affiliation with the gang known as "T$" played some roll in that night as well...

And lastly...


Run by Phil a.k.a Pheed

Pheed posts pics and links for the sneaker obsessed and pics of his design work. He also is good at photo sniping randoms and "don'ts" and has even stated that "global warming" is a complete myth.

Pheed may have 1 or more dopplegangers in this city and I say this based on the fact that I have never been to one event that Pheed wasn't at nor can I make the rounds of the stores without him popping up out of nowhere. I've concluded that he has been cloned and that is the only resonable explanation as to how he appears to be "everywhere" at once.

With that bookmark these blogs and you'll get a pretty good taste of what life is like up here in the Pac Norf.

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