Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SDTW Graphic Tee Review

You are what you like.

More or less.

However, you can also be what you DON'T like.

Case in point.

The following is a review of found t shirt designs on Karmaloop

I like to sort of gauge the barometer of the t shirt design market every year or so. It's fun. I mean in the end I really don't care "how another God dresses they temple" but that doesn't mean first impressions don't count.


This is a San Francisco Giant's logo.

Not the 12" cover for Eazy E's (Dre and Snoop diss) "Real Mother Fuckin G's". How does this even make sense? Eazy E repped LA and the Dodger's biggest rivals are in fact the Giants so without going all your Uncle that does nothing but drink and watch sports I feel that is just one of of many major conflicts of interests with this non sense.

Taking the homie Top Cat and coloring him in (poorly btw) does not make you a designer.

Most females that are into the bondage thing frequent gothic/industrial clubs and don't really hang in the back seat of your 94' Nissan Sentra so you're gonna have a harder time finding a chick to do the bondage thing. Just saying homie.

You are more likely to cause a seizure then drama. Also causing drama does not implicitly make you a criminal. Without proper context this could mean that you caused drama by cutting off Jah Derrick during his poetry slam when it was clearly his turn.

Cocaine is not expensive. Caviar is something that you most likely have never tried (myself included.) You probably think Caviar is some type of expensive car. Is this supposed to be clever because they both start with the letter "C"? I can offer up some c-words that might be more appropriate.

I can think of zero things that are worse than this.

Designer at 4 Star: "Oh shit, that design is due tomorrow? Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh wait never mind I will send this turd into production."

Problem solved.


Why don't you just draw a picture of Blake Griffin's dick grab a cowboy rope and ride that shit? Oh you would rather just mix a bunch of logos to spell dude's name because you want people to know that you know how to fucking spell.

No you weren't. You were born to smoke resin loads out of bubbler.

The brokest dude in the club is ALWAYS not sometimes or usually I fucking mean ALWAYS the dude with this shirt on. If they are wearing a t-shirt that says "grinding" "hustlin" "cheddar" or "stacking g's" it goes without saying that they are simply waiting for someone to go outside for a smoke break so they can snake there half finished drink.

You heart your J's? I think what you heart is "not getting pussy" because that shirt you wearing is like silk screened pussy repellent. In 20 years they are gonna start having Comic Con and Sneaker Shows in the same convention centers to save themselves the hassle of throwing two separate conventions for the same group of virgins.

Purple Rain came out in 1984. So for it to have had a profound effect on someone's formative years (say from the age of 10 - 20) that would make said person who understood this fucking retarded weed reference no younger than 37 years old.

So....the problem I see with that is that if you are 37 years old and still think weed logo t shirts are what's up well, fuck I can't even really go into that issue.

Another fucking Raider's logo spoof. Well what can I really say about this that hasn't already been said about Bin Laden. Leave the Raiders logo alone. The best version of this logo I have ever seen was the one for the Oakland Raiders football team.


  1. YES! This made my night!

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  3. dude this was awesome please do this as a weekly section or something is just great! props

  4. Another classic.

  5. Ts have become the new demo CDs. Couldn't pay me to wear the crap that's kicked out.
    Soon there will be another clip art brass knuckles or a diamond. GTFO.
    Clean white Ts son.


  6. thanks for that feedback Jamie.
    you know me and I consider you my friend, worked over 10 years nearly exclusively with music producers and djs, big or small not for the money (which I don't have) but out of love. I'm not just some clown jumping on the trend because it's hot now. Combining electronic music and graphic design has been my only passion since the early 90s.

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  8. wow..
    I don't even remember this borrowing a projector thing, that's how tiny that detail it was for me. It was never like that man. And I have no idea what you are talking about with the black listed thing, not sure who are you talking about but whoever it is, I probably never hanged out with in the first place. Not sure what is your deal man, I really don't. But if you ever decide you want to talk about it, you have my number.

    I was always nice to you man, kinda sad you feel that way about me.
    I don't hold it against you man, whenever you are ready to talk I'll buy the beers.


  9. yes. SDTW made my week with this one.