Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jon Stewart Sons Bill O'Reilly

Fox News is always doing some retarded shit and I pay zero attention like most decent people, but when I read that pundits were "outraged" about Obama inviting Common to the White House I could not stop laughing.


You mean fucking Lonnie?

Did you bother to wikipedia him?

Common's real fucking name is Lonnie.

Fucking L-O-N-N-I-E.

It is impossible for this dude to be controversial with a name like Lonnie. It's the black equivalent to being named Jonas.

The dude is softer than a pillow made of babie's tears.

He has statistically worn more gay hats than Elton John.

The dude's favorite cologne is Nag Champa.

He probably jacks off to pictures of a young and more svelte Maya Angelou.

He has Oprah's cell number on speed dial.

Do yourself a little favor today and watch Jon Stewart just make Bill look foolish.

The sad part is that this invariably increases ratings for Fox News, but at least you get the pleasure of knowing not everyone on tv is retarded.

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