Sunday, May 29, 2011


And in another rare move I felt like posting some phone pics. I did my best to cover all the standard tastemaker/curator cliches i.e middle fingers, RIP shit, masks, nudes, lomo filter scenery, and the like.

That one with the piss on the concrete is for all the dad readers. When your son has to piss and there are ZERO bathrooms available (happens more than you realize) you basically have two options:

1. break the law


2. let your kid piss his pants

I always choose the break the law option. I actually wouldn't be shook if a cop saw us, but if like a short little property manager bitch caught me I would probably get shook because she would raise hell.


  1. In a few years I'll be letting my son piss everywhere. If anyone gives us any shit I'll just teach him to cry real loud about how he didn't want to pee his pants.

  2. this post was great i have 2 girls i cant pull off the stealthpiss