Friday, May 13, 2011

Don't Test His Thug

Good lawd.

I try and peruse a few image tumblr sites for funny photos to get some "I Heart Internet" worthy shit, but invariably I always come across shit like this.

I mean if I wanted to find this photo on my own all I would have to do is google "banging in beverly hills" and then click "images" and I am sure dude would pop up, but I don't even have to waste 5 seconds because this type of shit gets into my eye sight on the daily.

So many things wrong with people thinking this is acceptable behavior and or worth blogumenting (just made that term up I think).

First off, did nobody take the time to ask him to remove his polka dot DC hat before he tried to get his blood diamond warlord swag on?

DC homie. The shit stands for Droors Clothing. You are rocking a polka dotted DC hat and your current goal is to look threatening? Anyone that shops for their gear at Tilly's can not possibly be tough.

Ever not never. A 17 year old high school girl sold you that shit player. You paid actual U.S currency to rock that.

Oh and whilst you were there you decided to cop a Famous Stars And Straps shirt too? That's like being on fire and grabbing a gallon of gasoline to try and put yourself out.

I know Travis Barker (owner of Famous Stars and Straps) thinks that because he knows Mr. Cartoon that he is like honorary La Eme or some shit, but I know where Travis Parker grew up.

If you google his home town this shit comes up:

So now that we have the lineage of herbdom out of the way we can move on.

I have no idea what the fuck that wooden or plastic machete thing is. It maybe some swapmeet jump off that the dude that sells ninja star table slangs on the lo lo or my dude here went to Toy R Us and bought some Survivor:Redemption Island toy set.

There is no way to tell.

And why are you covering your eyes and your face? Pick one. You're gonna have a hard time trying to swashbuckle mothafuckers if you are shook that someone might see your eyes. And why are you so concerned with packing a blade? You gettin paranoid that someone is gonna try and run up on you and your bitty and car jack you for your lowered S-10?

Even if they stole your whip you'll probably get it back if your Mom got you Lowjack and I believe your PennyWise vinyl decal will still be intact bro.

So if any of you know who this or even worse if this is your little brother smack that mother fucker in the back of his head and take all his burned The Game cds and throw those shits out the fucking window. It is your job as a big bro.

Happy Friday.

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