Monday, May 9, 2011

Speaking Of...


Note* Also just so we are clear, I think actual retarded people are tight. They keep it real and have way more fun than I ever do. Running around and playing Superman 24/7 365. It is the fake "retards" that I have no sympathy for.

Case in point:

This article on Huffington Post

Osama Bin Laden Death Skeptics Grow

This quote

"Alex Jones, a radio host who is outspoken about his 9/11 skepticism, also said on his show, "My friends, this is a complete and total hoax," putting out the theory that bin Laden has been dead for years."

I could go on about how this Alex Jones dude basically stole Rush Limbaugh's whole swag, but just takes said swag and caters to the "theorists" a.k.a Michael Moore's sloppy seconds, but dude ain't worth my words.

Bin Laden Has Been Dead For Years?

Oh word?

Hmmmmmm interesting.

No, no he brings up a good point, but I feel like I have heard this theory before.

Quit playin yourselves my dudes.

First off, who cares if dude is dead?

When I heard dude died I went to the my corner store and tried to get my coffee for free.

I was like you "Yo Ed, they 86'd Osama."

And Ed was like "Yeah I heard that."

Me: "Can I get my coffee for free, ya know since they got him?"

Ed: "The fuck is wrong with you?"

Yeah. So absolutely ZERO things changed for me after they snuffed dude.

Secondly, if you want my 100% honest opinion....

As foul as the government is I am pretty sure they want the 100% credit for this shit.

But you know who would really LOVE to get credit for this?

Exactly. Bush is basically feeling like Wile E. Coyote for life and Bin Laden ALWAYS got away from his ass and got the bird seed.

So saying that Bin Laden has been dead for years is probably the single most retarded thing you could say into a microphone at the moment.

We just gotta go on with our lives.

There will be no party at Applebee's.

Gas is still crazy expensive.

And if you're Muslim in the U.S you're still getting ice grilled EVERYWHERE.

The dude is dead.

It is poetic justice.

Note* Swear on my baby mom's when I googled "poetic justice" this pic came up next to Osama

I never lie.

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