Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Tribe Called Quest

A group and album that truly need no introduction.

I felt the need to post up an album that wasn't some esoteric post roots, pre-rub a dub, UK only version reggae record for once.

My musical tastes reach far beyond my unwavering and down right insane obsession with all things reggae.

I first copped "Midnight Marauders" in 7th or 8th grade after seeing the "Award Tour" video. I was enamored with ATCQ right from the get go. Around that same time "Beats, Rhymes, and Life" dropped shortly after. I then worked backwards and came to "The Low End Theory."

Many critics call "TLET" the pinnacle of Tribe's catalogue. Truthfully, I like all of the albums. I believe there are still talks about a new album with production by Madlib, but then again we're all still waiting on that "Doom & Ghost" album that was "supposed" to drop as well.

For those that already know skip the download, but for the new jack that is still in high school and probably hasn't been gifted this album from a cooler older're welcome.


Track Listing:

1. Excursions
2. Buggin' Out
3. Rap Promoter
4. Butter
5. Verses From the Abstract
6. Show Business
7. Vibes and Stuff
8. Infamous Date Rape, The
9. Check the Rhime
10. Everything Is Fair
11. Jazz (We've Got)
12. Skypager
13. What?
14. Scenario


A Tribe Called Quest "The Low End Theory" (Full Album)

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  1. Awwww...Shit! Buggin out is one of my favorite songs!

    Q-tip is gonna be back when him and Common make their badass duo.