Friday, May 23, 2008

BUKET Goes Down the Well

Remember that video I posted of Buket TKO bombing the 101 Freeway in broad day a while back?

Well someone else took notice apparently.

Article taken from Juxtapoz:

NBC reports today that the prolific graffiti artist known for tagging BUKET has agreed to turn himself in for acts of vandalism across California.
Cyrus Yazdani, a.k.a Buket, told authorities last night that he would surrender himself next week after deputies visited what they believed to be Yazdani's residence yesterday. Deputies said they found plenty of evidence to use against him, including this YouTube video (c’mon, you have to admit bombing California’s 101 freeway in broad daylight is pretty dope.)
A member of LA’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority Transit Police said there are more than 20 deputies working graffiti fulltime and that Yazdani is allegedly responsible for more than $40,000 worth of damage, which could lead to prison time. Never mind the billions of dollars in damages we’ve caused fighting a war in Iraq, obviously hunting down a graffiti writer is top priority in the world of crime, right?


Buket Slide Show On MSNBC

Full Story Here:

Buket Agrees To Surrender

Ed* What never ceases to amaze me is how much effort is used by law enforcement and city officials to capture graffiti artists. The fact is graffiti is not a violent crime. It does not deserve to be head line worthy. Don't be surprised if they try to throw the book at dude and make him another "shining" example. ACAB.

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