Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Abbie's Beer Bong A Que

We all love photos from good parties however these photos are in no way indicative of what actually went down on Sunday's BBQ.

For whatever reason someone had purchased a beer bong. Why? I'm not sure. It's not like we were at a frat house. No one was pledging. We didn't just finish watching "Animal House." I will be damned though if that green tube of awesome took what was once a nice quaint bbq and turned it into Sloppy Second's Sunday.

Baby Alex dropped 22 beers over the course of a few short hours and if I may quote him: "I can beer bong anything, I will beer bong soy sauce, I will f*ckin beer bong chips, load it up with chips if you don't believe me."

That was just one of several precious moments.

Apparently, Mike fell off the porch. "Freeeeeeee Fallllllinnnnnnnnnn......" (a la Tom Petty y Los Heart Breakers)

Not to mention there was a vogue wave dance off and a made up song sing off.

I was only there for half of the fun.

At any rate it is going to be a long hot summer.

Salts is not in college or even grad school for that matter, but that doesn't really stop her.

Guess who's fingers those are? Here's a hint this mystery person called this tasty pork halve a "finger food."

Meltronica does a jig and I prepare to knock a beer can off my Dad's head a la "Varsity Blues."

The amount of goading and coaxing it took to get Seth off his ass and hit the beer bong was enormous.

To all my heinas choo no I love you.

Bonus photos from Meltron Dirty Dirty's Flickr:

Look at the look he's giving him.

The Falcon listens to no one but the Falcon.

The thing legends are made of.


Mike (pre falling off the porch).

Sing it.

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