Sunday, May 25, 2008

Chuck Fenda

I love dancehall and all it's slack ways even if it doesn't promote a positive message, but when it does have a positive message and carries a big tune I think that is when it is at it's best.

Case and point = Chuck Fenda.

The Poor People's Defenda has a way of making big tunes with good messages and although this album is a bit old it is still one of the better modern day dancehall LPs.

Lots of big tunes like "Gash Dem" which was banned from several radio stations. "Gwaan Plant" , "Freedom Speech" , and "Judgement".

Run it.


Chuck Fenda "The Living Fire"(Full Album)

Track Listing:

1. Interview
2. Gash Dem
3. Freedom of Speech
4. Long Road
5. Child of the Universe - (with Tanya Stephens)
6. Change Your Ways
7. Mother Earth
8. Gwaan Plant
9. Nah Laugh
10. Coming Over - (with Cherine Anderson)
11. Hold It
12. I'm Praying
13. Judgement
14. World Need Love
15. Put It on Me
16. Working For - (with Richie Spice)


Chuck Fenda Home Page

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