Monday, May 19, 2008

The Spurs

Was anyone else clinically depressed after seeing the Spurs beat the Hornets last night?

I'm not a big Hornets fan although, I will say I've really enjoyed watching them in the playoffs, but do we really need to have the Spurs in another Finals. I know, I know they may lose to the Lakers, but think about this:

If the Lakers lose and the Celtics lose which is obviously the worst case scenario for the media and the NBA as a whole we will have the torture of having to witness the Spurs versus the Pistons. I would rather watch grass grow personally.

The Pistons are by no means as boring as the Spurs with their "core" values and strict adherence to "fundamentals", but I bet dollars to to donuts (love that phrase btw) that ratings will plummet if that is the line up for the Finals.

Now if we get Lakers versus Celtics I am going to enjoy the media hype overload for that all the way to the end.

P.S If I was wrong then how come I can Google "Spurs Suck" and that logo pops up? Oh that's no biggie its not like someone took the time to photoshop the word "sucks" into the Spurs logo or anything.


  1. why the eff am i not linked on your blog? that's fucked up.

  2. sorry im a spurs fan so i gotta defend my team. i just don't understand people saying the spurs being boring...i mean you ever watch Manu Ginobili play...Tony Parker? Is it cuz Duncan doesn't grab his nuts when he dunks? Spurs players aren't arrested? 4 championships in 9 years blah blah blah, i guess im just a homer...big up to your blog though, im a fan. (p.s. - if you google '"lakers suck" you get lots of tings too)