Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Willi Williams

Willi Williams "Messenger Man" on the Blood & Fire Label

This album was originally released in 1980. Williams built an album to go along with his "Armagideon Time" tune that came out the year before on the timeless "Real Rock" riddim. The Clash covered the song in 1980 and solidified it as a legendary tune in the reggae cannon.

Like all the Blood & Fire releases this one is no joke and all the tunes come with the appropiate dubs and versions.

Willi Williams "Give Jah Praise" mp3

Willi Williams "Dungeon" mp3

Willi Williams "Valley of Jejosephat" mp3

Willi is still performing here and there and you can get dubplate specials from his website.

Check it out here:
Willi Williams
Blood & Fire Label

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