Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Prelude...

Prince Far I had gone almost unnoticed in the Jamaican music scene until he recorded "Heavy Manners" with producer Joe Gibbs.

Utilizing the rhythm from Naggo Morris' "Su Su Pon Rasta," the producer spun a deeply dubby sound, the bass line as heavy as a rhinoceros and just as dangerous. Over this fierce, dread backing, Prince Far I sarcastically addressed the trenchant of laws enacted by the government to stem the tide of violence that had covered the island.

"Heavy Manners" immediately elicited an outcry of rabid support from Rastafarians and ghetto youth who were living under virtual martial law, and of outrage from those who saw no other solution.

(the above taken from

This was how I came to find this term.

The album titled "Under Heavy Manners" became a cult hit both in Jamaica and abroad in the UK. The album garnered a critical fan base by not only West Indian immigrants, but with the skinhead youth of the time.

The following tracks are some of my favorites from the "Heavy Manners Anthology" 2-disc set on Trojan Records

Prince Far I "Hold The Fort" mp3

Prince Far I "Head of the Buccaneer" mp3

Prince Far I "Skinhead" mp3

Prince Far I "Deck of Life" mp3

Prince Far I "Heavy Manners" mp3

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