Saturday, August 4, 2007

Chuck E. Cheese B-Day

Chuck E. Cheese has really been trying to appeal to the "art" crowd in their new ad campaign

Lenox turned the big one years old in June and I'm such a slacker I didn't get to posting these or Benny's B-Day pics until now.

At any rate we did what any good red blooded American parents do for their children and we took him to Chuck E Cheese. The creepy thing is that 24 years ago I was at Chuck E. Cheese mashing pizza to my face and throwing skee balls like I owned the joint.

I remember the rides being a lot bigger back in the day

Benny and Angie rolled through and got hyphy

And look what they bought for Lenox....P Rod's!!!

Ed* I'm told Steve went and picked these out and got him a pair of cool guy jeans too


Lenox decided to cut me off from the drinks half way through

Who does this $hit to cars? I guess if I was 16, still a virgin, and "hella" good at Halo 2, I'd probably do this to my car too.

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