Friday, August 3, 2007

Comic Con 2007

Although it may not be on your radar as a "go to" event the International Comic Con held annually in San Diego is one of the most unique spectacles you'll ever go to.

When Comic Con comes into town all of downtown SD becomes flooded with nerds and super fans which in turn makes the people watching go through the roof. You'll walk by T.G.I.Fridays and see a Storm Trooper eating jalapeno poppers with Mace Windu as if they've never had beef at all and that's only the beginning of the week.

Typically, we roll a couple deep and sneak into this gargantuan event, which you have to do on stealth mode cause they have some pretty tight security at the entrance. They actually have a weapons check at Comic Con. If you think you're just going to waltz in with your light saber or nunchukas you'd better think again.

Unless you're Chuck Norris or in a flawless costume of Mr. Norris you're going to need a badge which runs something ridiculous like $45 dollars a day. Screw all that mess. Simply follow a horde of orcs or goblins that are walking towards one of the many entrances and whip out your cell phone and pretend that you're telling your parents to come pick you up. When you get near a guard turn your head so they can't see your neck and BOOM you're now walking through the doors of the biggest nerd sanctuary on the planet.

Now that I live in Seattle I no longer have the pleasure of getting to walk down to the Con. So this year Nick McPherson had to photo snipe for me.

All photos courtesy of Nick McPherson

Above: Don't front the Dark Side gotch'ya open

Above: Talk shit all you want but the guy has got some skills to pull off this 400% sized Stewie costume

Above: A new character by Ron English

* Dude has crazy oil painting skills

Above: New "G" character by our old pal Ghost

Above: Muderface and Nathan Explosion figures from Metalocalypse

* If you don't watch Metalocalypse then you don't know metal!!!

This one Nick titled: "Skip's girlfriend shopping for thongs."
* Very mature Nick

Above: "Hey sweet thang, can I buy you a churro?"

I can only imagine the conversation these two are having.

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