Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Leaving on a jet plane

Me and the familia will be leaving for San Diego tomorrow afternoon.

Things I plan on doing while in SD for the next 2 weeks:

Eating at Phil's BBQ (ungodly good ribs ironic I know) lurking at Street Machine, work on the T-Kid 170 doc (what?), hang with the squad, see a movie or two, eat a carne asada burrito at Roberto's, surf (cliche), write on something, pool party at the folk's house for Little L while watching my Aunt Patty get hammered, do some new designs with Nick, same with Justin, hopefully get a new tat, eat some sushi at Nobu's, go to Bar D for Sunday Night Dancehall and lastly, just enjoy the company of my fam and friends.

Diggin In The Links:

Cost of War Meter
Ed* Out of control

Dude tried to sabotage Shepard Fairey show
Ed* Jealous ones envy

The CIA is watching
Ed* Only q50 g's for Fidel's head? Lame.

1 comment:

  1. lest you forget...

    Harney Sushi Thursday (Dash and I) >> All ages so Junior is welcome...

    Unite and I downtown at Hob on friday... and you know the rest of da drill.

    Monday been poppin too, but that's only if you like da roots and culture sound...

    LickShot! travel safe, rudebwoy... Rashional