Thursday, April 19, 2007

Return to The Yard!!!

I haven't posted up some tunes in a minute so I thought I'd post some goodness up for you before I go to bed because work has been brutal this week to say the least and it's been hard to post of late.


Yellowman and Fat Head "Donkey Want Water"

Simple rub a dub style beat, pretty sure this one was done by Junjo but I could be wrong. The track is taken from their album "Divorced! (For Your Eyes Only).

Ed* Also worth mentioning best reggae album cover EVER!

Also I found this dead podcast site that had some banging podcasts up of roots, rub-a-dub, and more yardcore stuff.

Download the Sleepy Dub Styleeee of Horace Andy in dub, vicious!

Rub A Dub Podast Site

Diggin' In The Links:

City of God 4 real
Ed* Fun fact Brazilian S.W.A.T teams have more close quaters combat experience then any other unit in the world.

Oh I also forgot it's 420 or at least it will be by the time most people read this so I found this:

It's completly worthless, but so is the idea of celebrating a holiday about weed. As if you really need some sort of exscuse to get all spliffed out in your van.

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