Saturday, April 28, 2007

Another Martyr

Three district attorneys in New York are trying to charge legendary graffiti writer Ket with the worst sentence in history.

The worst part is that Ket was not actually caught in the act of painting graffiti but caught with photos of graffiti on his computer.

This is an entirely new legal approach in the never ending war on graffiti. Hypothetically speaking if Ket were to be convicted on circumstantial evidence then any graffiti artist could be charged without ever being caught, but by proving that the writer is the same person behind ALL tags, throw-ups, pieces, etc of the name or alias in question.

Hopefully Ket will not be the next martyr for graffiti (for that see: GKAE, Desa, Smash, to name a few) and the case will be thrown out due to the fact that they have zero evidence and that Ket has never been charged or convicted for graffiti in his life.

Read the story NY vs. Ket

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