Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Chapter

I have started a new blog which will continue with much of the same content as the Militree blog, but will now be focused solely on the friends, adventures, and creative projects of the crew versus being a blog for the brand. When Militree gets a new website/blog you will be notified. So please change your bookmarks and links to the new spot.

However, I will no longer be running the Militree brand in 2007 and I wish them all the luck in the next year.

SDTW will deliver the same bloggy goodness as before with updates on the absurdity of pop culture, news from the Third World Strife, graffiti, skateboarding, artshows, clothing brand/shop news, inner city humor, dancehall/reggae news, mp3's, and the photos from all our combined adventures.

If you wish to submit anything or advertise get at me on the email tip:

Super Duty Tough Work was an expression delivered by King Case 2 in the documentary Style Wars.

It means exactly what it sounds like. Got it? Good, now let's get this thing started...

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