Wednesday, January 17, 2007


So Nick sends me a picture of this Star Wars Inspiration Poster and it just got me thinking "What is awesome?"

Awesome is defined by Webster's Dictionary as something of expressive of "awe" or inspiring "awe."

Well, that seems certainly easy enough to do.

Nick sends me this flick and thus The "Awesome" Hunt began.

Two words, one man. Iron Sheik. I forgot all about dude until one day while driving around with Justin and Chauncey I was bombarded with the immense weight of Justin's uncanny knowledge of classic WWF stars and trivia.

Go ahead and google some these names and tell me you don't find some banging flicks of these dudes:

Ravishing Rick Rude, Jake The Snake, Hakim The African Dream, Seregant Slaughter, Ultimate Warrior, Coco Beware, The Junkyard Dawg, Jim "Hacksaw" Dugan, to name a few. My spelling may be off on a few.

From the vaults of 80's movies comes "Rad." This picture doesn't really do this particular scene justice being that in this scene they are performing at the big dance in a tandem freestyle bmx dance. WTF? Cocaine must have been so readily available in the 80's in Hollywood that anything got a fair shot. Also while they're freestyle bike dancing "Send Me An Angel" is blasting over the speakers. A few years later "Rad" star Lori Loughlin would get turned out by John Stamos a.k.a Uncle Jesse on Full House. Good for her!

What's awesome about this guy? Umm.. I don't know maybe his off the chain doo that no salon brush could ever tame. Dude is so legit. Also this photo isn't old I copped it today off The Cobra Snake like it was no thang.

The Rain Man. No one ruled the early 90's like Sean Kemp. Dude sonned everyone.
This one gets in on two seperate categories of "awesome."

1.) Because it's Sean F%*king Kemp
2.) Because it's one of those late 80's early 90's Donruss styled sports paintings that someone actually took the time to paint.


  1. dude has more kids than o.d.b.
    donruss....damn i spent too much of my paper route money on basketball cards...