Wednesday, September 17, 2008

San Diego's Most Flaunted

In an effort to be "fair and balanced" I decided to share the internuts best kept secret. Or at least San Diego's best kept secret....

The Women of Bumsville.

Living in what most chicks would consider "squalor" these 3 brave and self-described bitches eat, sleep, and sh*t on the edge between downtown and Logan/Imperial Ave. If you know where that is then you already know you're too much of a p*ssy to even drive there.

I used to live a couple blocks from there spot and it is sketch central. All that being said these 3 ladies hold it down and blog about the goings on which in of itself is refreshing seeing as I only know dudes that blog and it's always about the same stupid stuff. Myself not excluded.

Bumsville Blog

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