Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy Signal

I don't think it is much of stretch to say Busy Signal is probably the biggest star in dancehall at the moment.

He has a lot of things going for him that sort of validate the above statement. First off he's one of the few singer/deejays meaning he can sing chune and chat as fast lightning when needed. This gives him so many options when it comes time to voice over a riddim. Busy can shift from super complex patois to anthemic melodies with so much ease you wonder if it is the same person on the song.

Secondly, he's in The Alliance (think of a dancehall version of Dipset but less corny) which also happens to include leader Bounty Killer, Demarco (Heavy Manners Mix???) Bugle, Serani, and Mavado to name a few.

I liked Busy when I first heard him, but after getting my hands on both "Holding Firm" and now "Loaded" I'm pretty sold on how good he really is.

The track list is practically a dancehall hit list of the past year with "Jail" , "Wine Pon Di Edge" , "These Are The Days" , and "Knocking At Your Door" all on one album.

Easy Busyyyyyy!

For the newbie this album might be a bit fast for you so download at your own risk, but if you listen to dancehall then you already know this will probably be one of the best releases this year if not the best release of the year.

And for all of those people who still don't listen to dancehall check Fader Mag (probably the best music magazine on news stands) felt Busy was worth putting on the cover.

Read up on him below:

Fader Magazine Cover Story:Busy Signal


Busy Signal "Loaded" (Full Album)

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