Tuesday, September 30, 2008

News of The Weird

"The Nebraska legislature's new "safe haven" law for unwanted babies, like other states' laws, allows them to be dropped off anonymously at hospitals to discourage abortions (and neglect by unfit parents). However, unlike other states' laws, Nebraska's applies not just to infants, but "minors," because, said Sen. Tom White, "All children deserve our protection." In September, the first two non-infants were abandoned, as exasperated parents gave up on rebellious sons aged 11 and 15, and critics say the law could apply to those up to age 19." [Lincoln Journal Star, 9-15-08]

Ed* The moral here kids is that if you're acting up and don't want to get with the program you will get your ass dropped off at the hospital no questions asked style.

P.S My friend Angela actually knows the red-haired kid from "Problem Child" and says dude has a pony tail with shaved sides and has a wicked sword collection. Real talk.

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